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Business Advantages

Our Advantages...

RE Invest can both finance and execute the environmental elements of a property remediation and redevelopment project, so that our partners can focus their capital and staff resources toward construction and property improvement activities.

RE Invest offers its partners a source of investment capital for an often significant and unpredictable cost element of a site redevelopment project that cannot be easily financed in today's tight credit market.

RE Invest's participation in a redevelopment project can give lenders and investors added comfort that environmental issues are being financed and addressed by partners with a vested interest and with decades of hands on experience.

RE Invest assists corporations in improving their bottom line by helping them shed environmentally impaired properties, remediation responsibilities and environmental liability.

RE Invest can help companies divest surplus assets that have entered a saturated commercial/industrial real estate market by making them more attractive to prospective developers and investors.

RE Invest's participation adds value to the real estate asset.

Redevelopment Advantages...

RE Invest provides more certainty to the outcome, cost and timeframe of a remediation/redevelopment project to better predict and achieve project return on investment.

RE Invest assures better integration of site remediation timelines with construction timelines so that project financing milestones are met.

RE Invest incorporates remedial activities into the redevelopment program to keep environmental cleanup costs and liability exposure to a minimum.

RE Invest is financially motivated to complete cleanup activities as efficiently as possible.