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RE Invest's Services

As your partner in the process of assessing, acquiring and executing redevelopment projects at environmentally impacted properties, RE Invest makes the process more efficient and relevant to your specific needs. We view the project from an owner's perspective because we are one. RE Invest's participation as an equity investor helps you to avoid the "bill as to go approach" of a typical environmental services contract used in the context of a site redevelopment project. We understand your needs better because we are a real estate investors with highly specialized skills in the environmental field.

Property Acquisition & Investment

Whether at the early stages of a property acquisition or after the transaction is complete, RE Invest will come in as an investment partner commensurate with the dollar amount of environmental remediation required to clean up the property to regulatory closure. This means you do not have to commit your capital resources to addressing legacy issues which allows you to focus your investment dollars on property improvements and marketing. We will finance the "unfinancable" portion of your project.

Environmental Assessment

We perform all the necessary due diligence to protect you, the "innocent landowner", from environmental liability and to facilitate bank financing for the project. We do this and more because we are part of the team that develops the redevelopment project pro forma and looks for regulatory, technical and site planning alternatives to maximize the project revenue and return on investment.

Regulatory Compliance

The doors do not open and the lights do not go on until all regulatory aspects of the project are properly addressed. From the perspectives of public health and safety, as well as business, environmental compliance at the local, state, and federal level is key. RE Invest takes the lead in addressing these issues during all critical points in a redevelopment project, from the initial planning stages to obtaining the final approvals and letters declaring "no further action" from governmental bodies.

Strategic Technical Planning and Management

Whether it is addressing soil, groundwater, surface water, soil vapor, lead paint, asbestos, wetlands or landfills, which are often regulated under multiple regulatory jurisdictions; the redevelopment project must be managed carefully in order to be safe, compliant and financially viable, RE Invest excels in the process of strategic planning and project management, working closely with our development partners to manage costs and maximize revenue. We are your "in house" specialist in evaluating the cost and regulatory implications of various development scenarios and project layout plans. The greatest cause of redevelopment project schedule delays and cost overruns is the lack of sufficient planning and coordination of construction, remediation, regulatory and financing timelines. Our staff's experience in managing these critical path elements will assure that your project will run efficiently and cost effectively.

Performance-Based Contracting

We are confident in our ability to plan and manage environmental cleanup activities and costs. RE Invest staff are experienced in undertaking projects using fixed price remediation (FPR) contracts and other innovative and flexible risk sharing agreements. We can tailor our partnering agreements to reflect that confidence in our ability while making sure the site is cleaned to a level that meets or exceeds the appropriate end use standards and guidelines and to meet project scheduling and budget expectations along the way.

Insurance Underwriting Support

RE Invest has extensive experience with underwriting environmental risk for development projects. We are experts at establishing internal risk management procedures including contractual risk transfer, remedial design and management as well as the negotiation and purchase of environmental insurance.